Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Hibernation and Trump

It has occurred to me that I have not blogged in two years. It is not to say I lack social commentary, but rather, life got in the way. This blog is a re-inauguration of sorts. I want to toss my hat in to comment on the Trumster. You know, just a general diatribe about this fool.

When Trump ran for the presidency in 2016, I perceived it as publicity stunt. The man didn't have a platform and did not plan to win. Losing meant he can always blame it on something or someone else, but he will remain in the spotlight as the guy that almost became president because he was such a rebel. Mission accomplished, done deal, right?

Oh, but a strange twist happened, one of Trump's future overlords, Putin, manipulated the elections and Trump won over Hilary Clinton. No one was more shocked than Trump. What does a man who was only playing running for office going to do when he's actually going to be in office? Well, play president of course. So, after the initial shock of winning resided, Trump found safety in his new scary position by keeping his family close, including bringing them into the white house as staff. 

Shortly after coming into office, people realized Trump was not going to be like your typical politician. Normal politicians have some sort of plan to govern. They know the team that will best help them achieve their platform. They also play some sort of social political game to get what they want. Trump, the accidental president, didn't have a clue about anything. He operates as a narcissist. He responds to those that ingratiates themselves, and he fires those that don't. Same rule applies to dignitaries he comes across. The only time he may go against this is when his overlords, Putin, Russian oligarchs, and globalists, tell him differently. 

Fast forward a couple of years and by now, most everyone are just dumbfounded by Trump. He appears to be getting away with everything, including acting like a child playing the president. The conservative politicians can't stand him. The Left despise him. I, personally, am glad he's the president. Since his win, the curtain had been unceremoniously opened to reveal the Oz of the US. The ignorance, bigotry, and sheer fear is revealed in its raw form. We also get to see the fruits of the dumbing down of America project. 

As a result, people in the Left and Center are livid and taking to the streets. They are running for office in record numbers. The left has move to the radical left, and there's no turning back. I applaud these dramatic changes and people rising to the cause in order to defend what is most important to them. It may be immigrant rights, gender equality, racial equality....or any of the isms we need to fight against. 

So, there's my two cents on Trump. But, what do I predict in the future. I predict no less then revolution. Trump will go to jail. The powers that propped him up will drop him like a hot potato once his title and usefulness disappears. They will find another figurehead in his place. But, then it will already be too late...The revolution will not be televised.