Saturday, May 6, 2017

Modern Family

France is abuzz with what makes an acceptable family unit because one of the forerunners for the country's presidency, Emmanuel Macron, has an unconventional family structure. I appreciate his understanding of his family make-up. Attacked by his opponent's father, Le Pen, for not having biological children and therefore could not care for the future, Macron has responded with, "I have children and grandchildren of the heart. It’s a family that you have to build, it’s a family you have to conquer, a family that doesn’t owe you anything, and that you will never have!”

I myself have what some have come to tease as an "instant ramen" family – mainly because it took place in seemingly a short amount of time, but also because of its unconventional nature.  I met the perfect man for me and adopted our first child in the same year, both not from the same ethnic or racial background as myself (that I know of). We then had a daughter together two years after that, and two years after that decided to get married at the San Francisco City Hall. Though extremely chic and modern to us, some friends were appalled that a Vietnamese American would marry in such manner, so they decided to throw us a "lavish" wedding. Because we insisted on only inviting people we know and love, it turned out to be an only 40 friends and family affair (200+ in a banquet would be more the norm) at a hidden rose garden nearby with reception in our own Tenants in Common backyard. We still live in our tiny TIC by a beautiful lake in the center of our city (not a large home in the suburbs). All this is to say, we are pretty unconventional by the standards of our extended families and cultures. But, it is our family and how we chose to be. I too would defend what we have with earnest conviction.