Thursday, January 21, 2016

The First and Only Slave Museum in the US

On Whitney Plantation, in the town of Wallace, 35 miles west of New Orleans, there houses the first and only Slave Museum in the US. Understanding the roots and legacies of slavery may help Amerika to understand the on-going race issue and the rampant ignorance around it. John J. Cummings, founder of the Slave Museum, remarks on his journey to learning about the history of slavery, “I had no idea they [slaves] were a commodity and how they were treated like a commodity. I had no idea of how how [sic] deprived they were – not by force of circumstance, but by deliberate planning.“ Ibrahima Seck, the museum’s Director of Research, expands on the learning of slavery, “You don’t just teach slavery. These people have backgrounds. They came from Africa. But, also you have to know, these people came naked or half naked, but, they did not need a suitcase to put their culture inside…”. I will definitely make a trip south for this. It is also just outside of New Orleans!