Monday, December 14, 2015

Asian Ingenuity Story of the Day

I went to purchase an action figure online for my Emmi and Tous. I searched the web for a coupon. Found one for 10% off (Asian score #1). Used it but may have forgotten to press "apply." Anyway, emailed the company's customer service and asked them to apply the 10% discount anyway. They complied (Asian score #2). Then went on the site to check on my purchase and noticed the action figure had just gone on sale. So, emailed customer service again and asked them to give me the new sale price. They agreed to it (Asian score #3)! Bragged to hubby and he shook his head in disbelief. Proud of his Asian wife (Asian score #4). Helps that GoldieBlox also has excellent customer service. Moral of the Asian story? Never hurts to ask – again and again. Oh, did I mention for all my efforts I saved $5.92, a fortune I say. :D