Thursday, September 24, 2015

Another John Snow Theory

I miss blogging about my latest obsessions. Maybe I have neglected to post since my thoughts grow increasingly radical, leading me to wonder if my old audience would appreciate or even care the leaps I make. When my interests are not of the edgy nature, I consider that it may be too basic and inconsequential compared to the madness I experienced during my death. My death remains the marker for all things.

True or not, these internal dialogues take away from what I love about blogging, the art of writing. I must thank Monkey Lounge for allowing me the venue all these years to express myself through words. I never really fancied myself a good writer but blogging gave me the necessary confidence and expressive outlet. So, to honor the craft of blogging and by extension, writing, I would like to discuss the much debated issue of the death and possible resurrection of John Snow. This should be fun since life after death is an experience I am quite intimate with.

Let us begin. I agree with most in the blogosphere that Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen are John Snow's true parents. He is the Song of Ice and Fire, the Ajorah Ahai, and rightful King to the Iron Throne. Therefore, though stabbed to death by the Night's Watchmen at the end of Season 5, John will rise again in Season 6. 

The true identity of John Snow will first be revealed during the funeral burning of his body. Like with Daenerys, John's body will be unscathed by fire, showing to all present that he possesses Targaryen dragon blood. John would have already warged into his direwolf, Ghost, at this point, also reaffirming his Stark lineage. Seeing this, Melisandre uses her red magic to resurrect John. 

This will solidify for all John's true identity and fate. People will flock to follow John. Especially since his resurrection signals a new and more powerful coming of Ajorah Ahai.

*Special thanks to the students from my Asian Diaspora Class for reminding me how much I actually like writing, no matter how challenging.