Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Being Raw on Social Media

Let's face it, we use social media to present our fantasy persona. We are always happy, looking fabulous, doing something adventurous, and surrounded by intriguing people. We put out only our best selves and provide statements and images to support this characterization. Positive postings invite "likes" and affirming comments. It feeds the ego and gets us through the day.

So, what the hell is happening when some rebels in social media choose to do otherwise. They post about deaths, break-ups, job loses, depression, failing relationships, illnesses, troubled children...I can go on. These posts make us uncomfortable, annoyed, and even pissed. How dare they cloud utopia! How dare they indeed.

Well, I say, kudos to those bastards. Thank you for being real and reminding us we are assholes for being otherwise. Life is not perfect, people are flawed as hell. Shit happens all the time and, frankly, that's okay. I do not mind coarse postings that chill me a bit and leave me cringing at times. I welcome them and envy those that really put themselves out there.

Of course by exposing themselves on social media also makes them vulnerable – vulnerable to family, friends, colleagues,...But, then again, maybe that is the part of the rebellious nature of these posts that I most admire – they are risky. It is a bold affront to the risk-adverse and chicken shit in us all. I stand and applaud those that give it to us raw. Thank you.