Thursday, November 28, 2013

New Meaning of Thanksgiving for the Alive Again

Like my cohort of the over-educated, social activist sect in the East Bay (snicker), I shun Thanksgiving -- or at least the trite ahistorical Pilgrims and Natives having a feast variation. However, that said, I do appreciate the days off and tradition of gathering with family and friends to out cook each other. This year we plan on having little feasts with folks instead of one big one. I am especially looking forward to the very non-immigrant act of making apple pie from scratch with my 4 and 2 year olds. They like "helping" mommy in the kitchen. 

The best tradition of all is giving thanks. But, even that, like Valentine's Day, has turned into a consumerist nightmare that basically says, treat your partner well one day out of the year. Thanksgiving too has become an annual occurrence that means giving thanks for the good things we have in our lives instead of bitching about what we lack and want to have, then hypocritically rushing off to the pre-Black Friday sales. 

I was probably guilty of neglecting to appreciate the good aspects of my life too; I am not exactly proud to admit. But, that all changed almost one year ago. As those close to me or follow my Monkey Lounge may already know, I (nearly) died last year. Details can be read here. When I was temporarily in the other world, I remembered desperately trying to get back to ours. I realized how much I valued life, and in particular, being with my family. I realize too that they needed me and their futures heavily depended on my survival. So, I seriously fought through what I thought was hell to return to my family. 

Everyday since I emerged from my coma, I thank my ancestors and the Universe for bringing me back to this world, and I also pray for my friends and their families. When I get too engrossed with work or off ADHD-ing with things like Facebooking, I remind myself why I was brought back, and immediately find my kids to play with them. 

Aside from my near death experience, I am not unique. We are all alive. Most of us have numerous things to be happy about and proud of. We may have taken it for granted, neglected to give time to the people and things that matter. We forgot to give thanks for the simple things that are in fact quite monumental, including our lives! 

Having nearly lost mine, I am now inspired every day thinking about how fortunate I am to have such kind people in my life. These are the same people that prayed for my return. I am grateful for all those that willed me back from the abyss and still look over me and my family. They are the good in humanity. I again thank the Universe for allowing me to stay on this plane to be with the people I love and have the strength to continue with work to assist others.

The moral of the story is, remember the beauty of the every day, every day. You do not have to die or have something dramatic happen to recognize this. Well, for some really dense folks, like myself, maybe you do. But, hopefully if there is any day to contemplate about giving thanks for the simple things and recognizing the good people that make up your kinship, this may be the day. 

Happy Thanksgiving.