Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Perfect Peacemaker by Ping Wang

I am honored and humbled that internationally renowned poet and fierce warrior in the academy, Ping Wang, created this sublime poem for me.

The Perfect Peacemaker
for Caroline Kieu Linh Valverde and all the peacemakers

I know pain—whips in air, then flesh
I know scars—keloids mapping the skin
I know hunger—scrambling food for the old and young
I know cold—breaking ice with frost bitten hands
I know work--7/24 till I drop from exhaustion
I know silence—steely wall from eye to eye
I know slander—snake in tall grass
I know sneer—daggers into the liver and spleen
I know rumor—vermin from tongue to tongue
I know fear—worm holes in the brain
I know torture—top down, bottom up, inside out
I know Shock and Awe—its engulfing mushroom cloud
I know deaths—journeys to hell and back
I know rich—in the sea of greed and power
I know light—in the tunnel of despair
I know love— fuel from the earth core

I know phoenix…rising from the radioactive dust

Ping Wang

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