Wednesday, October 19, 2011

X-Factor USA

I usually do not watch reality talent shows. Having witnessed a few "American Idol" episodes nearly turned me off for life. I simply did not think there was talent there. But, alas, I was roped into watching "X Factor" this season and I'm surprised to report I'm slightly hooked.

Maybe because I like the reunion of the snarky Simon Cowell and loopy Paula Abdul. More so, I like that the singing contest is open to anyone between 12 to infinity. You're never too old or young to have a dream, right? Which leads me to my two favorites so far who are coincidentally the youngest and oldest contestants, Rachel Crow and Leroy Bell, respectively.

That Rachel is just a bundle of sweetness and confidence, not to mention that soulful voice. Coming from poverty, the girl, already has plenty of sadness and determination to draw inspiration -- even at the tender age of 13. 

LeRoy Bell
Oh, and Mr. Bell...Mr. Bell. I know he has a alluring voice but I almost don't hear anything when I see him with his beautiful face and unbeatable style. That is one HOT 60-year-old. I don't know if they would take it all, but my vote is one of them will win.

I am also fond of Krajcik's voice but he doesn't look like a star. Tolliver just exudes pop diva but unfortunately she does not have voice to match. If only we could blend Krajcik's talent with Tolliver's look, wowza!


As much as I like these foks, I don't care for the singing or sob stories of the other contestants. Least of all is crybaby Francis who begs to be advanced with more emotion than her melodramatic performances. I also am so over Rene and his 5 month of sobriety. He's really not that talented either.

Who are your choices?

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