Thursday, September 8, 2011

Obama, Niggah Go Off!

Politibro speaks the truth!


Hillary-the-home-grrl said...

Politibro is a lot of fun. Really like the presentation and the sentiments. But seriously ! You expected Obama to kick some republican ass... with all that "hope" messaging. Did it seem like he was kicking ass in the run up to the election? Did he ever really seem like he was "of the people" - like he was really going to fight for the rights of the middle and the underclass. Really ?!? You really thought that was going to happen? I don't think so.

Honestly if what you really wanted was a "nigga who was going to go off" you should have voted for Hillary. Seriously !! She had more balls and more experience than anyone in the last presidential race.

You got exactly what you voted for. If you thought that he was going to be different, just cause he was a brutha, then you only have yourself to blame. And now you, and a lot of other liberals are shocked. He's a fuckin centrist. He's trying to get along with everyone. He's not kicking ass. He's not a super hero. He's not that god-like entity that shepard fairey immortalized in the posters, placards, and bumper stickers that everyone was dying to get their hands on 4 years ago.

4 years ago the economy and the state of foreign relations was in the absolute shitter. My guess was that anyone who stepped into the office of the presidency was insane to want the job... and would subsequently get their asses handed to them. The state of the nation is actually slightly better than it was 4 years ago. Not a lot, but if McCain and Palin has made it into office do you seriously think that would have been better. Did anyone seriously think that the war was just going to end, or could be simply ended because we on the left believe that war is wrong? Anyone who thought that the momentum of a 10 year war in two countries could have the plug pulled in a matter of a year or two is naive to the extreme.

Where the republicans excel is in teamwork and devotion single minded devotion to their long term goals. They are crazy and they suck, but they are good at winning and doing what ever it takes to win. That's something that whiney liberals don't fucking get. So you voted for Obama and he didn't give you the lollipop you wanted. He's not a black-superhero. Boohoo - cry me a fuckin river.

The 2008 election was a question of whether the country was more Sexist or more Racist. The answer was sexist - and Obama traded on that. If you really wanted a president who get shit done and kick ass... you would have voted for Hillary. But you didn't did you?? You said, "Give the brutha a chance" "He's black right ?" Is he not black enough? Is that the problem?

The worst parts of naive perspectives like these is that:
1) They just echo popular media
2) They play in to the goals of the republicans

That's right - when you participate in these naive rants against Obama what you are doing is working for the racist religious-fanatic republican agenda. Thanks a lot Politibro ! Thanks for doing such a great job of working for the religious right, racists, the privileged classes, and the republican machine.

Stop your whining. There are more than enough liberals and minority representatives who have cornered the market on complaining and whining. You want to make a political statement - get out there and lobby for change instead of hope - and don't do it by tearing down a brutha - do it by supporting a consolidated liberal agenda that frees representatives from the yoke of niceness. You want to complain and rant - there's a lot of rightwing badness that needs attention.

In the end, I love the idea of Politibro - funny and entertaining. You just need to get out of the disaffected nambypamby liberal minority mindset and think about the long term affect of going negative on Obama during the run up to the next election. Ax yourself this homie... "do I really want a republican back in office for the next 4 years"? Well do ya?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Hillary Supporter,

You sound as disgruntled as I do about the state of national affairs. But, possibly, we differ on how we got here and what we need to do to get out. Hillary would have been a splendid president and I would have voted for her had she been the Democratic Presidential candidate. She was not. You can argue that Obama’s nomination was due to more sexism vs racism, but that would be like splitting a hair.

Since we are here, my expectation of Obama is not that he flies over the red states and beams lasers out of his eyes, but rather, I just expect him to be as dynamic and committed as he was rhetorically during his presidential campaign. That is not too much to ask.

Additionally, as a brothah hailin’ from Chicago, I’m use to ball crushers like Rahm Emanuel to get the job done. Obama, having his political rise in Chicago and having Rahm by his side should have spelled kick ass niggahs in the white house, biatch! Since we know Rahm most likely left in disgust at the lack of movement on policies like universal healthcare, we are now left with Obama second-guessing himself.

So, nothing wrong with me asking for a brothah to re-grow some balls and let swing hard in the white house.

Have hope for Obama,

Crusaider said...

gett'em bruh!

I though you went too easy on his ass!
Hillary the home gurl, her panties are in a bunch don't listen to that Bit_h! Everything I listen to suggest Dems nation wide are doing something unheard of: Growing a Sac! keep it real and keep it raw holmes!

a real angry white male said...

hillary the home girl is a complete joke!She is very deep throated, read her article even though it appears to be written by a male in drag!

The lack of guts approach is exactly what's been wrong with the democrats for years. Maybe Hillary should use her mouth where better suited: PORN!

live for politics said...

lol I found this blog surfing for Politibro after viewing the video on youtube. Well said the Democratic party does need a dose of Balls and
a healthy dose at that. I agree with angry white male, the Hillary take is a masquerade. That guy is a tea bagger for sure! go Politibro!

hillary's homeboyz said...

lol politibro, seen your video on the politics nation site, how ironic Obama's grew some balls today with that deficit reduction speech.

I agree with the other posters before me on the blog, with the exception of that ass hole hillary the home grrl.Does that stupid fuck expect us to believe he is indeed a woman? really, the Mother F____r takes that long to make his point, a deep throat indeed.

That dumb fuck dosen't realize
the climate of politics in this country, anybody naive enough not to realize the Democrats need a kick in the Ass in just plain STUPID! anything other that "hillary the home grrl" lame assed rational grabs attention when all the reasoning in the world does not. does skull fuc_ed follow anything political?

"Do the deed holmes" don't back off! let your nutz hang! As for that poor interpretation of a home grrl, in the words of the hood: eat a dick you bi_ch ass trick!

Politibro said...

Did I seem to let the “masquerade of “hillary the home grrl" off the hook?

It would seem via the responses directed toward that male in “drag,” mine was the softest... LOL Yes, I could have easily taken him apart since he was so transparent. You don’t even have to read his entire “encyclopedia entry” to get what he’s all about. Logically speaking, I would rate this narcissistic sap as some boring, lonely, not-so-attractive, mushy dough bodied, receding hair, beady blue-eyed white man with an entitlement complex.

He is the typical AWM who assumes all people of color voted for the President because he is black. I would speculate “hillary the home grrl" has some book smarts but lacks common sense. Even though he makes some valid points, they come across as ridiculous because of his obvious biases.

If you read between the lines, he doesn't see himself as a white man but rather a minority. So, not only is this person delusional, he also suffers from apperception as well. His dereistic personality, dissociation from true self and mental compensation requires immediate treatment by a psychotherapist. Good luck, dude.


p.s. Looks like the Prez saw my video on Politics Nation and grew some balls after all. :D

cold blooded baby said...

WOW a political radical and one of color at that! DAMN brough, you look mixed but BLACK enough in my book.

Total takedown of that bitch trick soft body fuck Hillary the home grrl, what a wind-bagged nut face ass hole he is!

get there asses, the republican regime next vid please

I-am-left-of-you said...

What a bunch of idiotic comments. The original video from Politibro was ok - nice work for a first-timer. The thoughts expressed were well intentioned but missed the obvious points that "Hillary-the-home-grrl " then brought up. Politibro responded appropriately. And then the stupid happened, finally culminating in Politibro sinking into the muck. What a sad start.

Oh my "Hillary-the-home-grrl" not an actual woman? Really, you figured that one out for yourself did you? I know it's shocking that someone leaving comments would use a faked name. Everyone else here uses their real names don't they? Right Angry White Male? Right Crusader?

Personally I completely agree with both Politibro and "Hillary-the-home-grrl". Obama needs to grow some. And I also agree that anyone who thought they were getting something other than a centrist when they voted for Obama was seriously deluded just like "Hillary-the-home-grrl" said.

The excellent point that Politibro made in his first response to "Hillary-the-home-grrl" was that we're disgruntled with politics as usual. The excellent point that "Hillary-the-home-grrl" made was that when liberals start eating their own, they are doing the devil's work, and playing right into the hands of the republicans.

"Hillary-the-home-grrl" and Politibro are clearly on the same side. Too bad a few knuckle-draggers in the room missed that point. Oh well, they probably didn't vote anyway. Or worse yet they voted for Nadir :)

Anyway best wishes to both Politibro and Hillary-the-home-grrl. I'm with you both. You are both making complimentary arguments attacking obvious problems with our political "leaders" and the discourse surrounding them.

Omarina said...

This is my first time to this blog and I think I like Politibro. He's got a lot of attitude and is entertaining and fun. But reading the comments in this post is another thing altogether. I don't usually leave comments, but the sentiments that a lot of the commenters posted here are really troubling.

Hillary-the-home-grrl brought up some good smart points and was appropriate in questioning people's expectations and assumptions about who they think they are voting for. In response the attacks and useless speculation about what gender the Grrl really was betrays a lot of sexism and homophobia. It's just plain ignorant and sounds a lot like a boys-only club where voices of difference and dissent are squashed.

I'll come back and check out more some other time. But I really hope this is not a a foretelling of the future of this blog.

Dems United! said...

Ok lets cut the Bull!

I assume we are all dems here and our main objective is to defeat the Republicans correct? Yes Politibro attacked Obama,but,lets face it! He has been more than a little soft when handling the republicans, whom have disrespected him in the worst posable way. I personally still don't think he's is tough enough , but, he's is making progress. Omarina point is well taken and with that being said, lets not attack each other the republicans want that. Do we really want to fall in to there trap?

just a reminder folks! said...

Alright,ive read all posts and hillary the home grrl, written by some man with many issues. DONT LET HIS ASS OFF THE HOOK!,he started the conversation and was lambasted for it and deservedly so. Lets not ignore that fact. If you read his post who in the hell does that guy think he is? an opinion to be all and end all? I think not, maybe in his own small mind and bigger ego which anyone can have.

Tired of retards! said...

I think what this discussion confirms is that this country needs a better education system. Clearly people are having difficulty with basic language skills like reading and comprehension.

It's quite obvious that Politibro, Hillary-the-home-girl, Omarina, and Dems-United! are all on the same side and want the same thing. A united stand on the left to counter right-wing attacks. That's basically the gist of Hillary-the-home-girl's long winded rant. Like it or not that rant calls for liberals to stop attacking their own. Which is exactly what Dems-United! and Omarina were talking about. Anyone who doesn't get that is basically retarded.

Maybe no one liked HTHG's style, that's fine, I'm not a fan either, but the points made were almost entirely valid. The shit people have been writing since is just that.