Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lynch Renigglican Uncle Toms

Why aren't more people of color outraged about this topic? Really, no one should be a Republican.


Ex Republican said...

Well said and entertaining. As a former republican, I was considered moderate at some point. I've now come to my senses and realized the "Rockefeller Republicans" are no more.

Angry WHite Male said...

commented on your first video posted here which inspired a fiery debate. Stir the pot! What's needed now? post the politibro links republican news sites if possible.I love that shit man!I've never participated in anything like this before until now, but now, republicans are trying to destroy my life with there bullshit!
Yes i am white and angry foe the right reasons.

Hillary-the-home-grrl said...

Thank you Politibro for finally attacking the real bad-guys! I was starting to think you were a stealth-conservative and only attacked what remains of the left in this country. I'm relieved that you are an equal-oportunity political critic.

Sorry we got off on the wrong foot. I figured that anyone who was calling for the prez to grow some balls would be able to take some gentle push and shove. If that wasn't obvious I apologize. Good work - keep it up.