Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DWTS Season 13

I came to the DWTS fanship sort of late, but I'm a diehard now. I wrote much more on season 11 because of the controversial figures like Bristol Palin. Also, they had horrendous dancers like The Situation and Michael Bolton. Not to mention they got rid of viable contenders early like my fav comedian, Margaret Cho. 

Season 12 I didn't write anything because it lacked drama. I liked all the dancers and found their stories compelling. Hines, the Afroasian god, won as he should have. That ass, that cuban movement, I drooled. 

So, we are here at Season 13. There's controversy even before opening night.

Chaz Bono, arguably the most visible transgender "celebrity" is a contestant. Carson is openly gay, and Ricki Lake is a gay icon of sorts. Pretty exciting. I even like that obnoxious brat, Rob Kardashian, who's teamed with my fav pro, Cheryl Burke. Basically I don't want anyone to go home though I would not mind if some go home earlier than others.

I'll say Chynna Philips and Nancy Grace will go home early due to unpopularity. Kristin Cavallari, Elisabetta Canalis, Metta and Carson Kressley will go home eventually due to lack of skills. J.R. Martinez has a great story and awesome moves, so he'll be around. David Arquette and Chaz Bono may stay a while too due to star power and notoriety respectively. Personally, I would like to see Hope Solo stay a while because I really dig her chemistry with Maksim Chmerkovskiy, my fav male pro. Come on, why would you eliminate a babe that asks Maksim if he wants to feel her muscles.

Ultimately I think Ricki Lake may take it all. She has grace, musicality and performance experience. Oh, and partnering with two time champion, Derek Hough, doesn't hurt. Plus, she really wants it, you can tell. That's my early prediction anyway. Looking forward to this exciting season of DWTS. Who are your favs?


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Anonymous said...

I am very disappointed in the way the new ballroom is set up. The audience behind the judges are rude to say the least. Last night with all the thumbs down and all the shouting just because they know there on TV. No wonder the judges get so upset having to put up with all the rudness. Whoever designed that set should put their thinking hat on because they shouldn't have been paid no more
then an a dollar.