Sunday, August 21, 2011

Google + vs Facebook

I have a confession, I'm a tech ho. Translation, whatever new tech device comes out, I gots to have it. If I cannot afford it, like the latest ipad, I'll drool over it and hate those who have it. This includes whatever is the latest and greatest on the Net. So, when Google +, google's social network, arrived, I all but abandoned Facebook.

So, here are the reasons why I prefer G+ over FB.

First off, it's not overblown with everyone and their mother just yet. I don't get a strange friend request from a Jr. High ex, for example. In fact, I'll never get a "friend request" on G+ but you can add, block and stalk whomever you want. Until they block you, of course.
It will take a while before the Facebook minions join Google + to make it a viable international social network, but that is okay with me. I like that I can hang out with the "cool kids" (not the quarterback/cheerleader variety, but more like the geek turned CEO katrillionaire/hipster kind), before word really gets out and everyone else joins.

But, until then, the other great thing about G+ is their "circles". These social circles that include "family," "friends," can also be customized to have "friendemies" or "guys I'd like to date" -- whatever your heart desires. So, when you post a racy comment, you do not have to worry that your current or future employer will hold you to every nasty word you wrote. Only those in your specified circle, like "freaks," will read it.

Having some privacy is nice. Owning this privacy is even nicer. FB owns everything you write and every image you post. G+ owns absolutely none of this. Okay, let's not be naive, G+ owns everything, or at least at a price or when the government forces their hand they can. But, in theory and in writing, they do not own you.

So, for these reasons, I am moving on to G+ and weaning from FB. What are your plans?


Anonymous said...

FB PHO LIFE! jk, i too am a tech ho. i been giving g+ a chance however, it seems my friends haven't, so basically i tried to make the move to another house...but it's empty. here's what i think fb x g+ really come down to. i don't think it's one OVER the other, i think it will be what AIM, gchat, yahoo messenger are. some of my friends will be on ONE network and i'll know where to find them if i want them. - neaato

kieulinh said...

Hi, Neeato, Good to see you on my blog. As for G+, sometimes silence is good. I am curious to know if FB will incorporate "circles" like G+ or adopt some way to demarcate which messages and images you want to share with whom?