Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Obama is a Republican Mole

I write this entry not knowing if blogger will mysteriously delete it or not like they did with my previous posting, "Obama Got Osama." There I point the middle finger at Bush's administration for their war crimes. Here I plan to give Obama a tongue lashing.

The news in recent weeks state that the U.S. need to lift this so-called "debt ceiling" in order for us to pay our bills internationally and not default (causing increased interest rates, not to mention losing our reputation as an economic powerhouse -- smirk). Apparently raising the debt ceiling is routine and every president has done so with the exception of Harry S. Truman. Reagan raised it 17 times, Bush Sr. 5, Clinton 4, and Bush W. 7 times. The Republicans that control the House will not vote to raise the debt ceiling again unless they can get what they want. So, what do they want? Best I can decipher, Republicans want the following:
1. To totally humiliate Obama and keep him from any political victory.
2. Not raise taxes for the very rich in America.
3. Continue to subsidize corporations, especially gas conglomerates.
4. Cut social programs that benefit the: very poor like medicare, very old like social security, ill like Obamacare, future like education.
So, where is our liberal President to save the day (crickets...)? I have been saying all along that Democrats are a bunch of gutless imbeciles that cow tow to the bullying Republicans even when the Democrats ran the House, Senate and had the presidency. I use to think that, but now I also think our fearless leader is a planted mole. How else can I make sense of the current series of events?
Realistically, the president would ideally propose and stick to a balanced economic plan of budget cuts as well as raising revenues. Well, I'm guessing ideally IDEALLY, he'd want many more government sponsored programs to increase employment and spending ala Great Deal. But instead of saying, "eff you Republicans and Tea baggers, I'm doing the right thing for America," Obama has said he'd support the Republican friendly Ried plan that allows for a debt ceiling increase but no raised taxes. Obama calls for compromise, but what kind of "compromise" includes hurting the most vulnerable while supporting the very rich?
I'm sickened and disheartened. As much as I criticize the president, I do so with the sincere hope that he will wake up one day and act like a leader. All this talk of "compromise" is no more than a Republican in Obama clothing. Just be what the American people voted you into office for, Mr. President.

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