Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Victim's Fantasy - How the Bully Fell

Okay, I will admit it, I was not the "bully" in grade school. What, surprising? Well, it's true. Instead kids bullied me and I never retaliated because aside from fear of being bashed, my family taught me to always take the high road. Engaging in any physical altercation equated uncivil behavior and not becoming of a good Vietnamese girl.

Even though I dutifully walked away from fights, often consumed with humiliation and shame for not sticking up for myself, I harbored many fantasies of being and acting differently. I dreamt of offensives that included witty remarks followed by kick ass Bruce Lee moves. I would become the instant hero!

Needless to say, my fantasies never materialized. However, recently in Australia, for one lonely boy, it did. Picked on for years because of his weight, 15 year old Casey Heynes finally had it and "snapped." He body dropped his tormentor, Richard Gale, while a student captured it on a mobile phone video. The footage was uploaded on youtube immediately and the rest is Internet viral history. Watch below the interview with Casey.

Notice the only person that remotely stood up for Casey was a girl who held off the bully's friends to give time for Casey to make his escape. Richard Gale was also interviewed. See below.

Maybe I watch too much "Lie to me," but shifty eyes is a telling sign. Nothing is more pathetic than to play the victim. In any case, it just feels good when in a rare instance, the bully gets his.


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