Friday, January 21, 2011

The Human Soul

I have waited months for the return of "V," the exciting remake of the 1980s ABC TV series of the same name. However, she show that stirred my imagination in season 1 is a total disappointment in season 2.

There is a HUGE gaping hole in the plot.
In my opinion the aliens are infinitely more advanced and physically superior than their puny human counterparts. So, given their aim to take over earth and interbreed, there's no doubt in my mind they will succeed. But alas, the Vs main issue is how their own kind inexplicably grow sympathetic towards the humans and eventually even adopt emotions the more time they spend with them. As cold hearted reptiles, this is a leap, so the V queen has cause for concern.

But, here is where it gets weird. The Vs are convinced the human soul is the key to their appeal and ability to turn a V to the human's side. Moreover, the Vs are now using their best scientists to contain and destroy this so-called soul.

This idea is not only dumb, it is preposterous. The concept of soul is strictly a religious concept. If one believes there is a god, then this god creates all things including aliens; therefore, even aliens have souls. Vs need therapists or religious figures, not scientists, to understand the soul.

What a disappointing plot line. Do I have to endure more episodes of this futile search for a make belief part of humans? Someone save me already.

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