Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Conan's TBS Premiere

Glad to see Conan back on TV. He looks great. I must say though, I was hoping he'd be goofier, wilder, and curse more. Heck, it's (basic) cable after all.

Looks great in a suit.

Still self-deprecating as evah.

Watched Conan's second day and WOW! Heeeessss baaaack! Cable does make a difference. Saw 10 seconds of ass cheeks. And I learned what "Tokyo sand blasting" is. A show that both amuses and educates. Gotta love it.

Conan also has a pulse on the international community as well. Love his expressions, especially after the Taiwanese animation.

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Zachary said...

I was so happy when it was announced that he was coming back to TV. The premiere was amazing. The wait was well worth it. You can watch Conan on channel 138 TBS on DISH Network in HD. I work at DISH Network and DISH offers over 200 national HD channels, that is more than any other provider in the industry.