Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bristol Palin Brings Down Dancing with the Stars

DWTS eliminations are fishier than normal this season. Sure I expect the popular "stars" to last longer than less known ones even if their dancing is superior. But, ultimately, I'm certain that the right person would win--meaning their dancing is very good and close to the being even the best. NOT this season!

Every week has been the same. First my girl, Margaret Cho, gets voted off, not for her dancing, but possibly for her politics. Inversely, Bristol Palin remains even though she's easily the worst dancer of the season, also due to politics. Speculation is the the Republicans and Tea Baggers (hihi) have been voting their asses off to keep her alive.

That's all fine except Bristol may very well win the mirror trophy yet she IS the crappiest dancer of the season. Did I already mention she sucks?! That kind of discrepancy may be too much for DWTS viewers to stomach. Her win would strip DWTS of any credibility as a dancing show. The backlash has begun though it just may be too late. I predicted Bristol would ultimately win the whole competition weeks ago when she undeservingly beat out Audrina Patridge, of the Hills fame.

Audrina was an true amateur with no dancing background but really blossomed as a dancer, the kind of story DWTS viewers traditionally ate up. Week after week dancers that showed marked improvements garnering their best scores were voted off. Yet Palin remains. People cannot even contain their shock anymore. Watch reactions to her taking out Brandy this week.

Even though it may be hopeless, I will actually get on the web and vote for my favorite, Disney star, Kyle Massey. He didn't start out as a ballroom dancer but each week his technique gets better and better. Oh, and he's all personality. I find him simply adorable. I also like his pro partner a lot, Lacey Schwimmer, a So You Think You Can Dance veteran. Watch below for yourself.


Que said...

If Bristol Pailin wins!, I will never watch that show again, "the fix is in!" and those peckerheaded "tea baggers" have managed to pay off the judges! LOL... with the help of the number one Uncle Tom, Michael "Blackface" Steel. UNBELIEVABLE!she NEVER received any criticism for her "slothy movement" and had to be pulled around by her partner to even appear "quick of her feet". Please is u kiddin!... Dems! get of your asses and vote her ass off by voting for some else, anyone else! Well... Disney Kid Kyle can dance a bit ya know!

djmelvis said...

Bah, don't act like this was the first time DWTS ever had a voting controversy where an undeserving star outlived his/her shelf life.

Season 2, P Miller. Did we -all- decide to forget that fiasco? (Judging by the rage on the Internets, I'd say yes.)

Fans shouldn't have so much leverage in voting, period. Expert judges are there for a reason and we shouldn't undermine them.