Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and Gluttony

Happy Thanksgiving - the be thankful for what you have part, not the celebrating the massacring of natives one. Been eating like it's Thanksgiving since yesterday. Crab is the theme this year. Admittedly though, my idea of binging would be more like other's "normal" meal; so, I hardly feel guilty. Still, truly a holiday to justify gluttony.

Speaking of which, been following "The Biggest Loser" this season. Found myself especially interested in contestant Ada (see image left). Yes, it's because she's Asian American but also because she has a rather tragic history. Apparently, she was playing in a pool with her toddler brother when he drowned. She was a young child herself but her parents blamed her for the death. According to Ada, they have not been supporting or approving of her since and have been at times quite hostile.

A few weeks ago when all the contestants got videos from their families, Ada received nothing. Again, during the "makeover week" when families came to the fashion show to surprise the Biggest Loser "models," Ada's family was noticeably absent. Both times affected Ada but didn't keep her excelling in the challenges nor losing the weight (see image Ada's transformation below).

Made me think about how harsh Asian American families can be. Even while they are fully supportive in the area of familial obligations, they often neglect their children's emotional needs. It could be due to cultural and general differences when love is expressed very differently. The older generation tend to believe taking care of a child, making sure they are well fed, get proper education and not suffer...equates love. But, for the younger generation or American born kids, love is expressed physically through frequent hugs or verbally through affirmations and "I love yous." You can imagine how clashes can take place.

Also, expectations seem really high in Asian American families. You have to look and behave a certain way. If you get Bs on report cards, for example, you are considered a failure. If you're not stick thin, you will be called fatty. Pressures to conform including going into careers and marrying people of their parent's choosing is pretty common place. It's no wonder a person would overeat to sooth themselves.

That means appearing on a show about how people no longer have control over what they eat is seen as shameful. Ada's parents probably did not want to be associated with a show that blatantly displays their child in a negatively light and hence directly affecting the family's reputation. Ada probably sees her participation in "Biggest Loser" as an act of bravery and the first steps to gaining control of her life by getting back to a healthy weight and dealing with her own demons in the process.

So, even though this is Thanksgiving week where family tensions are often heightened, resist being a glutton. That's the moral of this story.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bristol Palin Brings Down Dancing with the Stars

DWTS eliminations are fishier than normal this season. Sure I expect the popular "stars" to last longer than less known ones even if their dancing is superior. But, ultimately, I'm certain that the right person would win--meaning their dancing is very good and close to the being even the best. NOT this season!

Every week has been the same. First my girl, Margaret Cho, gets voted off, not for her dancing, but possibly for her politics. Inversely, Bristol Palin remains even though she's easily the worst dancer of the season, also due to politics. Speculation is the the Republicans and Tea Baggers (hihi) have been voting their asses off to keep her alive.

That's all fine except Bristol may very well win the mirror trophy yet she IS the crappiest dancer of the season. Did I already mention she sucks?! That kind of discrepancy may be too much for DWTS viewers to stomach. Her win would strip DWTS of any credibility as a dancing show. The backlash has begun though it just may be too late. I predicted Bristol would ultimately win the whole competition weeks ago when she undeservingly beat out Audrina Patridge, of the Hills fame.

Audrina was an true amateur with no dancing background but really blossomed as a dancer, the kind of story DWTS viewers traditionally ate up. Week after week dancers that showed marked improvements garnering their best scores were voted off. Yet Palin remains. People cannot even contain their shock anymore. Watch reactions to her taking out Brandy this week.

Even though it may be hopeless, I will actually get on the web and vote for my favorite, Disney star, Kyle Massey. He didn't start out as a ballroom dancer but each week his technique gets better and better. Oh, and he's all personality. I find him simply adorable. I also like his pro partner a lot, Lacey Schwimmer, a So You Think You Can Dance veteran. Watch below for yourself.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Missing my Bijou

It's been over two years now, but I still think of my lost Bijou daily. I hold onto the hope that years from now she and I will be reunited.

Because we blanketed the neighborhoods where she was spotted and taken, we know most likely the people that found her knew she already had a home but decided to keep her anyway. Hopefully they will understand one day they took and kept my family from me and return her.

This video reminds me of her and how much I love and think of her still and forever.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

No Justice, No Revolution in BART Killing

Last week Oakland announced the sentencing in the BART killing case that ignited a series of uprisings in Oaktown. Johanne Mehserle, the white BART police officer who shot a young black man, Oscar Grant, in the back while bounded, got away with murder. Mehserle was sentenced to the minimum possible --- two years, taking into consideration a combined 292 days in jail time served and good behavior. That means Mehserle will be free with a little over 2 months left to serve on a involuntary manslaughter verdict. Urggg!

Oakland remained relatively calm post sentencing. So, no revolution. This tells us again that police brutality, especially against men of color is not such a terrible thing.

Conan's TBS Premiere

Glad to see Conan back on TV. He looks great. I must say though, I was hoping he'd be goofier, wilder, and curse more. Heck, it's (basic) cable after all.

Looks great in a suit.

Still self-deprecating as evah.

Watched Conan's second day and WOW! Heeeessss baaaack! Cable does make a difference. Saw 10 seconds of ass cheeks. And I learned what "Tokyo sand blasting" is. A show that both amuses and educates. Gotta love it.

Conan also has a pulse on the international community as well. Love his expressions, especially after the Taiwanese animation.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Be-lated HO-loween

So crazy busy this Halloween, I forgot to wish everyone a happy Halloween. But, I do have a video blog from the archival vault to share with you. Send in pix of your Halloween pix by November 15th to and I'll create a gallery for Enjoy the vid.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Remember to Vote Tuesday November 2, 2010

Please remember to vote this Tuesday! Monkey Lounge is in California, so we throw our endorsements out to:

Governor - Jerry Brown (formerly Governor of California and Oakland Mayor)
Lieutenant Governor - Gavin Newsom (progressive Mayor of San Francisco)
United States Senator - Barbara Boxer (U.S. Senator - chair of Select Committee on Ethics and Environment and Public Works Committee )
U.S. Representative - Barbara Lee (U.S. Representative and the only member to vote against invading Iraq)

If you need a progressive voting guide for your locale, click here.