Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Margaret Cho was Robbed on Dancing with the Stars

If you do not already know, Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) is a TV show where stars from all sectors of entertainment are matched with professional dancers. They train the stars to perform typical ballroom dances ranging from the samba to the waltz. The appeal is that these stars supposedly have no dancing skills but through proper cultivation, eventually blossom into dancing swans.

Needless to say, I use to avoid DWTS like the plague. As a dance enthusiast, I saw no joy from watching "stars" I've never heard of dance badly, really badly. My mind change around DWTS third or forth season. I saw that it was not merely a popularity contests where the public calls in to vote for their favorite "stars" and not the best dancer. As proof, unlikely Olympian stars Kristi Yamaguchi and Shawn Johnson and even the goofy Donny Osmond have won in past seasons. I was sold.

I especially looked forward to this season with the likes of Margaret Cho, my favorite female comedienne. I find her stand ups revolutionary, daring and smart. I use her skits regularly as teaching material in my classes. A champion of marginalized people's everywhere, I was overjoyed to see her on DWTS. To top it off, she is a damn good dancer. She has skills and heart and just a great attitude.

Her elimination this week broke my heart. Why did she get kicked out? No, not because her samba sucked. In honesty, it was fairly sloppy and she had done better in weeks past. But it was far from being atrocious like dances done by "Dead Arm" Michael Bolton and "Pigeon Boy" the Situation (see images above, left and right respectively). So, why, why did she get kicked off?

I believe it was because she essentially dedicated her dance to the LGBT community. She wore a gay pride inspired flapper dress and openly stated her dance was about, "...expressing pride and happiness and joy. It's about coming out as beautiful, coming out as me."

Even her partner, Louis van Amstel, seemed noticeably upset by Cho's overt gay comments. It's unclear if he signed up for the gay agenda but he probably knew it was the beginning of the end for them as contestants there. Mainstream America simply are put off by blatant celebrations of gayness. So, it was not strategic of Cho but I have more respect for her than ever. The American public robbed Cho, not only of her chance to really grow as a dancer, but also a mainstream platform to advocate for the LGBT community.

DWTS is much less interesting this season without her.

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