Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Invisible Asian

Okay, why do I get the distinct and troubling feeling that Asian Americans are still invisible on TV. I will tell you why; here's a short list.

1. Two of the only three glee cast not yet profiled are Asian Americans, the third is a mulatto (apparently pc to use this term now). The Asian American "Tina" and "Mike" are hugely talented for their voice and dance, respectively, but nada. Additionally, in the 2010 premier, in reaction to the school reporter's inquiry, "What can you say about the rumor that you two are dating," Tina responded, "We can't date? why, because we're Asian, that's racist." Mike chimed in, "totally racist." Uh, what? Does it mean if they were dating non Asian folks, it's not racist? Strange, no, just bad racist writing.

2. Dancing with the Stars, as with most popular competitive reality shows, usually have interviews with the losing contestants on the network's talk shows. Nothing of the sort happened for the Asian American dancer, Margaret Cho, No talk of her afterward either like there still is about the Hoff and Bolton.

3. Kevjumba and his dad, who are still alive on the "the Amazing Race 17," have had so little air time since the first race. Like most Asian Americans in shows, they get the consolation prize of a web profile. What, yellow people don't have appeal? If it were not the fact they almost got eliminated, they may have had no prime time at all. Oh, and the "
Asians" comment is classic!

4. Ada, the invisible Asian American in "Biggest Loser" got all of five words aired before this week. She literally had to call out to trainer Juliana, asking her to help her have a breakthrough, before they gave her any air time. Jesus, she witnessed her own brother drown and was blamed for it by her parents her whole life. What is a more compelling story than that and it took pleading on Ada's part to get help. Sad.

I can go on, but that's enough griping for this week in TV land.


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