Monday, September 6, 2010

The End of the World - Fuel the Movie

Possibly one of the most affecting film this year for me is, "Fuel" (2010). In the vein of "An Inconvenient Truth" (2006) and "Who Killed the Electric Car" (2006), "Fuel" explores the wonders of alternative energy, particularly bio diesel fuel. Most interesting is how they connect some of the most evil acts against humanity in the last century to the oil and gas conglomerates such as ExxonMobil. These crimes include: the disappearance of the inventor of the diesel engine, Rudolf Diesel; invasion of Iraq; media smear campaigns against alternative fuels, Cheney meeting with oil and gas heads to make U.S. policy, and so on.
The movie so convincingly argued for more sustainable living that I am going to live more green that I already do. Just finished scouring Craigslist for diesel cars. The ending of the film offered helpful advice for everyone to live green. See below.
1 VOTE FOR “NON-FOSSIL” POLITICIANS - Vote for leaders who are not owned by oil, coal and nuclear interests.
2 DIG BENEATH THE HEADLINES - EDUCATE YOURSELF - Fact check and qualify the source, especially when it involves corporate profits.
3 CONSERVE ENERGY AND INCREASE EFFICIENCY - Buy and use energy efficient devices, turn off lights and unused appliances and retrofit your house or apartment.
4 GO CARBON NEUTRAL - Sign up for carbon offsets, stop using petroleum and eat lower on the food chain.
5 GROW FOOD AND TREES - LOCALLY - Start a community garden, plant trees, and learn about organic, biodynamic & sustainable farming.
6 INVEST IN ALGAE - Put your money into sustainable algae companies to build algae ponds in deserts and also from waste- water or carbon sequestration.
7 GET SOLAR - Put solar panels on your house, invest in solar energy or switch your electricity provider to a company with solar energy.
8 BUY WIND - Get a wind turbine, invest in wind energy or switch your electricity provider to a company with wind power.
9 SWITCH YOUR SCHOOL BUSES - Lobby your principal, PTA and school to switch to sustainable biodiesel.
10 ALTER YOUR TRANSPORTATION - Take the bus or carpool; Bike and walk; Inflate your tires; Get an electric car or hybrid; Get a diesel car and run it on sustainable fuel.
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