Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Asian American NBA Stud - Jeremy Lin

Though Asian Americans love to claim Yao Ming as their very own baller god, he's a mainlander and not exactly American Born Chinese (ABC). As of July 21, 2010, with the signing of Taiwanese American Jeremy Lin to his hometown Golden State Warriors (turning down the Lakers and Mavericks, btw), we now have a bonafide yellow American NBA star! But, Jeremy Lin is not making the news only because the color of his skin.

It would seem that this gentleman also hails from Harvard, an Ivy League, which is not known to graduate the strictly brawny types. In fact, with Lin in the NBA, he's singlehandedly broken Harvard's 57 year dry spell and represent only the 4th player to get into the NBA from there. Already a super star in the college circuit, well respected for his all-around game, ironically it may have been the Harvard name that kept him for making the draft the first go around.

Everything happens for a reason and all in all, Lin seems like a good fit for the Warriors, who's getting a lot of free press with the hire. Looking to capitalize on the hype, Warriors already plan to create a media campaign around Lin. I can see it now, they will be selling fried wontons at the games in no time.

In all seriousness though, Lin has had to endure a fair amount of racial slurs in his chosen sport. But, he has overcome much of that and I imagine will continue to do so. You won't see much court side brawls from this guy. Nor do I anticipate any sexual scandals (dammit, there goes my chance). He's a devout Christian (eh, not my type anyway) with aspirations of working in inner cities as a pastor. Certainly he will have all kinds of creds by then.

Lin highlights - GO LIN!


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