Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Asian American NBA Stud - Jeremy Lin

Though Asian Americans love to claim Yao Ming as their very own baller god, he's a mainlander and not exactly American Born Chinese (ABC). As of July 21, 2010, with the signing of Taiwanese American Jeremy Lin to his hometown Golden State Warriors (turning down the Lakers and Mavericks, btw), we now have a bonafide yellow American NBA star! But, Jeremy Lin is not making the news only because the color of his skin.

It would seem that this gentleman also hails from Harvard, an Ivy League, which is not known to graduate the strictly brawny types. In fact, with Lin in the NBA, he's singlehandedly broken Harvard's 57 year dry spell and represent only the 4th player to get into the NBA from there. Already a super star in the college circuit, well respected for his all-around game, ironically it may have been the Harvard name that kept him for making the draft the first go around.

Everything happens for a reason and all in all, Lin seems like a good fit for the Warriors, who's getting a lot of free press with the hire. Looking to capitalize on the hype, Warriors already plan to create a media campaign around Lin. I can see it now, they will be selling fried wontons at the games in no time.

In all seriousness though, Lin has had to endure a fair amount of racial slurs in his chosen sport. But, he has overcome much of that and I imagine will continue to do so. You won't see much court side brawls from this guy. Nor do I anticipate any sexual scandals (dammit, there goes my chance). He's a devout Christian (eh, not my type anyway) with aspirations of working in inner cities as a pastor. Certainly he will have all kinds of creds by then.

Lin highlights - GO LIN!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pixar Mashups

In the theme of this week, mashups, here are two very nice ones for you.

mashup / recut


Monday, July 26, 2010

Oaklavia - Walk Oakland Bike Oakland (WOBO)

The word Oakland usually conjures up some horrific images for outsiders, but those who live here know better. Take for instance on the last Sunday in June when Oaklavia's Walk Oakland Bike Oakland or WOBO was born. Downtown Oakland stretching all the way to Jack London Square was shut off to motor vehicles. People took to the streets by foot, on bikes, skates, and much more.

I was out there with friends and family soaking in the rare sun during this rather tragically frigid cold summer. There was also a drumming circle and African dance lessons where the instructor danced from the street. I saw people playing four squares badly, I guy roller skating about town wearing a California flag cape, and even live rap. Many of the stores were open and information booths lined Broadway Avenue. Oh, and I picked up free bike helmets for the family. Score!

After walking by beautiful art deco buildings like the old Magnin's, Paramount Theater, and Fox Theater, we rested on Old Oakland with friends including one of the organizers, Doug Johnson with this wife Ratna Amin and son Kiran. Tam Tran caught up with her buddies while Tous played with Kiran.

Oakland is great! I look forward to more WOBO days. Watch a short video of WOBO below.

Daft Punk Mashups

Daft Punk are so special. Check out their "Around the World" and "Bring Sexy Back" mashups.

Here they mashup with Wyclef Jean.

Kleptones - Come Again (Beatles vs Rare Earth vs Beaties vs Daft Punk vs Cypress Hill vs Boston) Video by Crumbs Chief

The mashup to end up all mashups. Amazing array of dance clips that was brilliantly edited to fantastic music.

Friday, July 16, 2010

HTC Droid Evo G4 vs iphone G4

Even though I'm a self-proclaimed apple evangelist, I refuse to work with AT&T's crappy network to get an iphone. I have a droid and am perfectly fine with it. Not only is my calendar online and is constantly being synced automatically, I have a rad navigational system. Plus, have you heard about how buggy the new iPhone G4 is?

And how about their support.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Teach Your Toddler to Swim

Sometimes I have to say there's nothing more refreshing than the completely unabash method of good old Asian training. Take, for example, teaching your toddler to swim. In the video below you have an enthusiastic instructor who goes by Jimmy. The score to this video is fitting with an epic war movie, because the swimming pool is rather like a war zone for these little babes who have to face a do or die situation as Jimmy dunks them in the water one by one. Kids crying and all, Jimmy is relentless in "teaching" them to swim and miraculously, they seem to pick it up. Possibly adrenaline moves the students to learn quickly.

On the other spectrum you have the touchy feely method of the American counterparts. It's all about the sensitivity to your child's every mood while in the pool. It also looks like there's a long ass process to even get your kid to like the water. Plus, after numerous sessions, you can boast your child will not have ill thoughts when you sing and play games like pouring water from a watering can onto his/her face. What does this have to do with learning to swim you may want to know? Well, ask Jimmy, he'll get your kid underwater in no time and s/he may just be able to swim in one lesson.

Tom Tom Star Wars Celebrity GPS Voice Sessions

I thought the sexy brit voice of my GPS was hot. Nothing beats the directness of Darth Vadar or sing songness of Yoda.