Friday, December 18, 2009

Robot Invasion on Shoestring Budget - Fede Alvarez's "Ataque de Panico"

Something amazing has happened in Uruguay. Producer, Fede Alvarez, created a goose bump inducing short about giant robots and streams of spacecrafts invading the capital of Montevideo. Alvarez created the four-minute short, "Ataque de Panico" (Panic Attack) on a mere 300 USD budget. This little investment wielded him an increase by 100,000 fold when Ghost House Pictures (The Grudge, Boogeyman, Legend of the Seeker....) offered him a 30 million deal to create a feature film in the same vein as his short. Watch his initial endeavor below.

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Anonymous said...

Really really hard to believe this was done for 300 USD. Are you sure about that? If so that's that $300 went really far and a lot of people gave up their weekends to make it happen.

Quite compelling, but WTF is with those frackin robots? Why are they compelled to destroy all that lovely architecture? Seems insane and not well planned out. Non of those buildings was a military target or threat. Why shoot them and then destroy the entire city in a thermonuclear blast? This makes no practical sense. What does this say about movie making and what does it say about the human psyche these days that this is our boogieman and destroying architecture is our hell?

What do you say oh great monkey of wisdom?