Monday, December 14, 2009

Cutest Kid Covering "I'm Your's"

Watch this amazing kid attempt one of my favorite song's this year, Jason's Mraz's "I'm Yours."

Jason's Mraz's acoustic version


neshy said...

2009 will be remembered as the year of the "cute talented child sings..." video meme. I mean it's just an endless flood isn't it? One cute "gifted" kid after another, getting as ponderous and ubiquitous as LOLcats.

Monkeylouge is a sucker for such things. Pass the ridiculously cute kid meme thank you. Not that I'm faulting too much. The kid in question here is truly cute. Gifted? Not so sure about that...

The real stinker here is Jason Mraz and his song "I'm yours". Could this obsequious white boy with his saccharine and vapid lyrics have ripped off Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole any more blatantly? We'll I guess blatant imitation is either the highest form of compliment or an easy way to cash in. This is kind of a Hallmark Cards version of a song.

For my part I'll stick with Israel - even covering "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" he was an original. Beyond that he had a voice and soul that Mraz will never be able to capture or imitate. Check it for yourself.

Just all seems like another case of whitie ripping off gifted indigenous peoples. And the culture at large is happy to lap it all up. "Sell us another cheesie white bread imitation... coat it in sugar... all we really want you to do is give us a mini-catharsis with some cheap sentimentality"

Sorry to rain on anyone's parade, cheap imitation of a great original just really bugs me.

silywali said...

I have to agree. The first time I saw a video of one of these cute kids, titled "amazing musician..." I was like, oh, that's cool, and what a cute little kid so amazing. Then the second time it was like, oh, great another one. Then the third time I was, "ok". Now we are at Amazing Musical Kid #5482 and I'm like "enough. please no more of this".

The first couple of these were original. Now clearly every parent wants to make their child the next YouTube hit. There's something wrong with parents trying to use their children this way. The originals were ok, but with each repetition the quality has gone down. Sure they are cute, but the concept is lame.

caroline said...

agreed, very cheesy for monkey lounge. but the kid is asian! i'm a sucka.