Thursday, October 15, 2009

Funny Asian Guy - Ken Jeong

If you wonder why all the current comedies are using really funny Asian characters, you would be mistaken. There is actually only ONE funny guy and his name is Ken Jeong. He's been in everything from summer smash hit, "The Hangover" to the new TV sitcom, "Community." You'll also find him in "Pineapple Express," "Role Model," "The Office," and "Entourage" to name few.

Interestingly, Jeong's "day job" before making it in show biz was working as a physician. His knowledge of medicine came in handy when he played the OB GYN in "Knocked Up." Below is the extended version and, according to Jeong, the actors improvised 20% of the dialogue.

Jeong is married to a Vietnamese physician in real life and talks about that union in his standup.
Go Viet chicks.


scionic said...

The only thing better than ridiculously angry comics are ridiculously angry asian comics. Mucho brilliante !
The Spanish Class clip is amazing. It's a nguyen nguyen situation.

Anonymous said...

easy monkey