Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rain Melts Californians

California is experiencing its first rain storm of the season. Having lived in other parts of the nation, I have some perspective on bad weather. This is what I know, Californians are spoiled brats about having good weather. For instance, because Californians rarely experience rain, when there is a downpour, we are besides ourselves. We don't know how to slow down on the freeway and wonder why we hydroplane so often. We stay home from work and cancel all appointments that require us to leave the house (guilty of that one). We glue to our TVs and radio to hear the latest weather report

How do we justify our fears? Well, we rationalize that rain is a serious threat. California may float away for god's sake. The state government doesn't do much to dispel our fears. In fact, if it rains more than two days in a row, you can be sure the governor will call a state of emergency. In short, we are whining babies when the first sign of bad weather rolls around. Do you agree?

Check out East Coaster's parody of Californian's reaction to rain.


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tioutra said...

as a transplanted easterner who has seen all the rain and snow and endless clouds I'll ever need to or want to see, I'm completely happy with the dry weather of Sunny California. But for Christ's sake Californians need to get a grip, and learn how to drive when the rain starts to fall. It's nuts how things fall apart.

The Conan piece was super - thanks!