Sunday, September 20, 2009

Good Voice and Good Looks

With all the reality talent shows out there, seems sensational breakouts stars have been "interesting" looking people with phenomenal voices. Something about voices not quite matching with the physical that seems to tug at audience heart strings. Maybe it's just us thinking, gosh, I look like shit too, maybe I can also be an international star by conquering audiences worldwide. Susan Boyle, runner up of 2009's Britains Got Talent, is case in point.

Well, X-Factor, another British reality talent show just debuted American college student, Ethan Boroian. He's hot with a fabulous voice. Check out the video below. Sure there was editing to make it look like the women judges were hardcore swooning, but honestly, I think they probably were hard core swooning off camera as well. Maybe Ethan will break the "interesting" looking singer monopoly. American invasion, baby.


scionic said...

Good, but not amazing, voice and good, white-bread, looks. Just what we need, another singing Abacrombie&Fitch salesperson. Listen without looking and see how moving this performance isn't.

I know these shows are about "Idols", and yeah, Susan Boyle, is no one's "idol" in terms of looks, but at a certain point you have to listen to the music (sans-face). When that happens this guy's star quality drops several points. In the mode of actually listening to the music, I'll take Arnel Pineda, the filipino lead singer from Journey any time. He's capable of putting passion and effortless beauty into his singing and performance, and he has more vocal range and flexibility than anyone could ever want.

So has the MonkeyLounge given in to a beauty-ist view of singers? Has a pretty face swayed the monkey heart? What's wrong with "interesting looking" people who happen to be amazing musicians and singers? I guess it's not "pop" but I'll take the music over the pop-image any day.

kieulinh said...

Hi, Scionic,

Actually, my piece was mocking the reality show trend of gravitating towards unconventionally looking people with beautiful voices. So, yes, Boroian with his pretty boy good looks would obviously capture TV goers. But it's a returning of a normal trend. From what I know of the Brit shows, they really do like the odd looking folks with great voices. This is different from American beautifulism. On that, I'm not as into beautifulism as aesthetics. My sense of aesthetics is not mainstream, though

I'm also a big fan of Arnel Pineda and even blogged about him a while back:

Even so, that does not take away from Boroian's amazing voice. His rendition of "Use Somebody" is better than the Kings Of Leon original - eyes closed and open. That's talent!


scionic said...

Thanks for the reply Monkey. Good to know where you stand. I was not sure from your post where you stood.

To your point I've gone out and listened to the original Kings of Leon track and compared it to Boroian's performance. It's hard for me to say that Boroian did a better job than the original. He did a different performance and his voice is smoother and his energy a little mushier than the original slightly raspy more energetic version. But to say one was better than the other I'd have to like either one of these performances. The song just leaves me flat, in it's original or x-factor versions.

The telling comment from one judge was "you're good looking... the girls are going to love ya... you'll go far". My favorite part of the performance was when Simon told him to stop singing. Yeah I know everyone's a critic.