Friday, August 7, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Finale

Congrats to Jeanine Mason for winning So You Think You Can Dance. Not a stand out favorite in the beginning, she improved so dramatically that by the finale, she proved a major contender. Well deserved, I was impressed with her strength and determination. I really like the diverse body types of modern dancers and Jeanine's figure was wonderful to see.

My favorites were Melissa Sandvig and Ade Obayomi who were eliminated in the final six. They were partnered together for most of the season and performed amazing pieces such as "Breast Cancer Dance" choreographed by Tyce Diorio. See their video log below.

Melissa was often referred to as the oldest contestant at 29 but also the first classically trained ballerina or as her auditioned showed, the "naughty ballerina." She was just so controlled in her movements and outstanding in her performances. I was disappointed to see her not make the final four.

I was down right shocked when Ade, a sound engineer/DJ, was eliminated along with Melissa. He has such a unique style of modern dance and hip hop, I loved watching his solos! He also represented the gentle giant who was arguably the strongest dancer who could do amazing lifts. I mostly enjoyed his smile and that hair pick of his. He has personality and style that deemed him winner worthy.

Look forward to the next season this fall. Debating on going to the So You Think you Can Dance tour or not. Who were your favs.

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Carol said...

My faves were Kupono and Kayla :-)

Kupono had such a unique sense of style. Kayla was just so good and had such emotion when she danced.

I liked Janette and Brandon too because of the same reason as Kayla.