Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Paper Heart - Charlyne Yi

OMG, I've found the cutest thespian evah, Charlyne Yi. Socal native Yi is of Filipino, Spanish, Korean, Irish, German, French, Native American and kitchen sink ancestry. Up to date she's most known for her role as a stoner in Knocked Up. See below.

Yi co-wrote and stars in Paper Heart opening this week. It's a mockumentary with Super Bad's Michael Cera where Yi travels across country asking the aged old question, "What is true love?" Already getting rave reviews, it looks to be a nerd classic. Promo below!

I just adore Charlyne who's many talents include music and magic. Check out her hilarious interview with Conan, especially the song at the end!

Watch more of her royal cuteness here.


Anonymous said...

I loved her song at the end!!! She's hilarious!! Thanks for sharing this one. Now I'll definitely head out to see Paper Heart =)

Anonymous said...

She is so sweet cute and genuine!! I love her. Thanks for posting. Nerd girls are great!