Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another Gan Mien Western Coming - The Warrior's Way

Hey Hangookphiles, get ready for what looks to be another great Gan Mien Western fantasy action flick coming out this summer! Writer-director, Sngmoo Lee, will showcase his debut film, The Warrior's Way, in collaboration with Lord of the Rings producer, Barrie Osborne. It will star Jang Dong-gun of 2004's Tae Guk Gi (The Brotherhood of War) fame and Kate Bosworth of Blue Crush and Superman Returns.

The premise is reminiscent of the Kung Fu television series in that there's a traveler from a far away land that ends up in the wild wild west circa first half of the 19th century. Lee plays Yang, a highly skilled fugitive warrior who's in possession of a baby. He comes across a circus troupe and bonds with resident knife thrower with a dark past, Lynn, played by Bosworth. Then through illin' looking special affects, Yang and his buddies kick some serious black hat asses. Promos show some cool looking images even if the story seems tired. Looking forward to it very much!


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