Friday, May 22, 2009


You must go out and watch the new Terminator NOW! So good. Okay, like Star Trek, it is very different from the old stuff but it does pay some homage to the original. It is more aligned with the 'Sara Conner Chronicles' series which is phenomenal. I love that nutty Christian Bale. He can be anything, and as John Conner, he's damn convincing. Film was action packed with cool affects, like crazy good motorcycle scenes!

Maybe my only gripe is that it packed in way too much story in 2 hours. There was no character development so you didn't feel for anyone except for John and new terminator, Marcus. Oh, and as compared to the first Terminator, this one was not nearly as suspenseful or unpredictable. But basically two thumbs way up for me.

Watch barelypolitical parodies below.

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