Saturday, May 9, 2009

Proud Trekker

No spoilers so read to your hearts delight.

Oh My God! Star Trek was so good it deserved me to spell out OMG! As a long-time Trekker, I have been enraptured by its poignant social commentaries presented in masterful ways every episode. Star Trek has always been smart television! When BSG came along, it was a fantastic combination of brains and action, and now I can say the new Star Trek franchise has that potential.

First off, without giving anything away, I will say that it exceeded my expectations and almost all the things that annoyed me about the original Star Trek was remedied in this one. For instance, I always liked Spock best and thought James T. Kirt was a numbskull. In the new Star Trek, Captain Kirk was not nearly as annoying and at times, even charming. I'm just relieved William Shatner did not appear. Watch below to see his reaction to being snubbed. He was so sad and ridiculously funny, I actually felt for him...nah!

Anything wrong with the movie? Okay, it's not the deepest Sci-Fi I've seen but it does make up for it in the action and sometimes humor.
But, whattup with the fake boobed green (valley girl) cadet (see right)? That was tragic compared to the original Orion slave dance girl Kirk got with in the original series (see below).

Oh, and the cast is hot! Also, if you're a fan, you'll like seeing the background of your favorite characters. They casted actors with likenesses of the original Star Trek crew.

In many ways this is what the failed series Enterprise should have been. But, better late than never. Kudos to JJ Abrams. I'm watching it again!

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