Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Miss California - Why the Drama

If you've just surfaced from a cave and have no idea who Miss California Carrie Prejean is or why you should you care, here's a quick recap. At the Miss USA pageant a few weeks ago, well-known gossip blogger, Perez Hilton (who happens to be openly gay), as a judge, asked Prejean what she thought of recent passing of gay marriage bills in different states. She answered that she was not for same sex marriages. She got the first runner up prize of the contest and all media hell broke loose from there.

Watch below to see the press conference speech Prejean gave when it was announced she could keep her Miss California crown amidst all the controversies that unfolded in the past few weeks. Then watch the translation as spoofed by youtube weblebrity, Lisa Nova.

I am confused as to why people are so up in arms one way or the other about this Miss California. Beauty pageants have not been known to be about women that reflect unique or special intellectual prowess or serve as defenders of all that is good about our society. It's an industry that is turning more plastic by the minute.

There are contestant coaches to help you move along in the process such as answer "spontaneously" those hard questions that hurt your brain. If you don't believe me, youtube some contestants. They get their pre-prepped answers all confused and end up talking about Iraq when the question was about education in the U.S. These coaches along with pageant sponsored plastic surgeons of the "Barbie factory" are but a few of the myriad of other cogs in the machine that makes up Miss Universe, Miss USA, Miss (fill in a state)...
I honestly believe we have the right to partake in an industry like the one above, or mock it or simply ignore it. That's all our rights. But pretending a beauty pageant and its contestants somehow speak for truth, justice emblematic "the greatest nation in the world," is pretty freakin' silly.

Besides, the gay marriage issue will not be played out by plastics and gay bloggers. It will be pushed along by the strength of the many that struggle for equal rights. I believe that the gay marriage issue closely mirrors the interracial marriage controversy of just a few decades ago. FYI, 1967 was when the last anti-miscegenation law was repealed in the U.S. States one by one will grant rights for gays and eventually the federal government will make it legal throughout the nation. We think nothing of interracial unions now and that will be the same of gay marriages in a few years.

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