Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Asian Man Millennium

It is officially not my imagination, I see Asian (American) men everywhere. They have taken over the tube, big screen and even gossip mags/blogs! My only thought is, it's about damn time. Though still too few Asian images exist in media, I'm delighted to see my brothahs get some face time.

Most notably, they are not depicted as the nerd, kung fu expert, Chinese restaurant worker or gangsta. Last week 'Wolverine' opened with super hot hapa, Daniel Phillip Henney, as Agent Zero. An American Expatriate actor in South Korea, Henny has a British father and Korean-American mother. Most known for his role in the Korean hit drama, 'My Name is Kim Sam Soon', I'm confident he'll get more cross-over screen time. Just look at him, gorgeous!

Also finally making its round at film festivals is, 'Little Fish'. Here 'Jump Street' veteran, Dustin Nguyen appears opposite Academy award-winner Cate Blanchett. Nguyen plays Cate's love interest, Jonny. They are both recovering heroin addicts trying to figure out their future together. And yes, he gets to kiss the girl, in the mouth, for reals.

I even see my yellow brothahs on the small screen. In a recent 'Dollhouse' episode, we were introduced to John, the much younger Thai husband of the wealthy, Margaret Bashford. The main character, Echo, is made "active" to investigate Bashford's death. Here "John" is all man yet sensitive and loving.

Stranger, still, just today the "hot" gossip news is Jon, of 'Jon & Kate Plus 8'. He is rumored to have cheated on his wife with a 23-year school teacher, Deanna Hummel. It's juicy because Jon and Kate have eight kids and a reality show documenting their lives as a family. Hello, this means he's at least boinking one woman, his wife and possibly two, the school teacher. You know, the public wonders if Asian men have peckers at all.

Lastly, my boyz are even in epic commercials. This Scheppes commercial has a hot Indian prince at the end. check it out.

Now if only the men would also get with non-white women. I'm waiting for a Black or (dare to dream) Asian woman hookup. What do you make of all this?

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