Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Amazian Race Winners - Tammy and Victor

Congrats to brother and sister team, Victor (35) and Tammy (26) Jih, for winning the Amazing Race 14th Season! With their $1 million prize, they plan to do what? Pay off their law school bills, of course. Tammy said her mom mentioned having dibs on some of the cash too, so Asian of mum.
Though Tammy can look too hot when had to strip down to her undies to run through the streets of Russia, she could not tumble or cartwheel to save her life. Check out clip below.

In the final leg, the siblings took the #1 spot in Maui after lugging a luau pig up a hill. They did well throughout but really excelled in Beijing when their knowledge of Chinese gave them a huge advantage. Pays to be bilingual, folks. Check out their performance anxiety when competing in China.

By most reviews, their intelligence helped them with clues and directions and their endurance and eventual teamwork brought them through to the end!

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