Saturday, April 11, 2009

Quefing for Gender Equality?

Recently, South Park dedicated a whole episode to quefes. What is a quefe you ask? Well, to put it mildly, heck, there's no mild way to put it -- it's when air escapes the vagina causing a sound. This onomatopoeia historically embarrasses the heck out of women. Often mistaken as a fart, thus it's nickname, "*ussy fart," quefs can also connote being loose down there.

So, the boys at South Park decided quefing, like farts, should not be shunned but rather celebrated. They strongly implied it empowers women, if for nothing else, to have something as silly as farts to torment the opposite sex. Though I can see the point behind the humor, I personally think it's a human issue and not just a woman's issue. We ALL fart, and women quef. It's natural and actually, pretty damn funny. So, there should be a global movement to do away with prudes and let our bodies be free. What do you think?

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GS said...

"QUE(E)FING". With one E or
double E ?