Saturday, March 7, 2009

Watchmen Lives Up to the Hype

Wow! I honestly could not imagine any film doing justice to the graphic novel, Watchmen, but hell, they did it! If you have not read the book or seen the movie, I highly recommend you catch the flick ASAP then read the comic, in that order. This way, you'll enjoy both very much.

Spoiler alert! The film has a different ending, and I know the purists will scoff, but I like the film ending better. It at least resonates with the current times and is less cheesy. Most everything else like plot and design stays very very true to the graphic novel. Except the violence and sex is more graphic in the film, shocking! In fact, Mr. Manhattan got plenty of screen shots for his full frontal! And maybe the best line remains Rorschach's (masked anti-hero above) declaration to his fellow prisoners, "I'm not stuck in here with you, you're stuck in here with me."

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