Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sixth Sense Cyborg - Future of IT

Pattie Maes & Pranav Mistry came up with an ingenious tech gadget, dubbed the "sixth sense," that allows you to intuitively gather information literally at your finger tips. Images can appear on any surface including a key pad on his own hand. It can come in handy when you're shopping and trying to get reviews or best buys. Or you can even project someone's google findings right on their shirts as you're talking to them.

The question is, do we need that much information in our lives? As a lazy human, I say, "hell no," but as an aspiring human/cyborg hybrid, I say, why not? Most of us only use 10% of our brain's capability anyway so I have more "storage" available. A bit bulky now, I imagine the "sixth sense" will be made a chip in no time. I am ready for the cyborg transformation. Are you?

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