Friday, March 6, 2009

Peel P50 - Back to the Future

Leave it to the cheeky Brits to design my dream car, the Peel P50! It is perfect for my body frame and green-minded living. This 49cc, three-wheeled wonder retailed for 199₤ when it first came out in the 60s. Only 50 were made and 20 survived until this day. It gets 100 miles/gallon and does everything except reverse. But then again, you can just step out and literally move it by hand. The originals go for 30,000₤ but you cat get a replica from Carter for about 10,000₤. I so want their sport version with the moving roof for easy in-and-out access!


bo shemian das rialivin said...

I believe the sport two seater version with the bubble is called the "Trident". What a great name and what a great car. Moped engines and tiny cars. The world would be a much better place if you, or I, were running the show wouldn't it monkeylouge. GM? the big 3? Fat cat posers. Cars from the isle of man - that's the good stuff. you rock. thanks for the car. I want one too!

Mochi Mochi said...

brilliant! yes the bubble version is called the trident. they are apparently a bit frightening to drive at speeds over 30mph, but what a great and cute little car.

the TopGear video about the P50 is fantastic. those guys are great. I love the scene where the car drives through the BBC studios and behind the live news broadcast. you can see it motoring about the news room in the background.

guess you're already living the 50cc 2stroke eco-lifestyle with that moto of yours. cheers.

kieulinh said...

Yes, the Trident! I know some bailout money will go towards developing green transportation, but I wonder if there's incentives to buy green cars too. The most important thing is alternative fuels because if not, we will resort to fossil fuels and gas guzzlers when the economy picks up. It's a vicious cycle that needs to stop. In the mean time we can all do our part, right?