Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Palm Pre - The iPhone Buster?

I have iPhone envy. As a tech geek wannabee, it kills me I cannot afford one. Instead I have the Palm Centro. Seriously, I hate Palm products. Every time I get a new palm, it effs up my operating system and I have to upgrade and lose crap on my computer. I hate them so much, I actually sold all my Palm stocks after they gave me the run around at tech support. Centro is no different. I wasted no less than 5 hours on support from Bangalore to Manila trying to get a straight answer. I still cannot fully use my Centro and guess what, I'll have to upgrade my OS to maybe get my Centro working right.

However, there may be hope for Palm. Their new Pre is coming out this summer and the word on the nerd streets is, it may be the iPhone buster. Check it out below and tell me what you think? How much is this sucka gonna cost so I can be a sucka and save up for it?

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