Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Look Ma, No Hands - The Joys of a Bidet

Americans are barbarians. Why, you ask? Oh, where do I begin? Well, for starters, a vast number of them wear shoes in the house. But, I'll leave that gripe for another post. They are barbarians because they don't clean their bums properly. The French and Japanese, on the other hand, are extremely evolved in this sense. They have the BIDET!

What is a bidet, well, it's a bathroom device to clean your bum after toilet use. First invented in France in the late 17th century, it is now ubiquitous there as well as most of Europe and Asia. It resembles a toilet and you sit on it as jets of water shoots up your bum. Check out this demonstration, no subtitles needed.

I prefer the Japanese toilet-bidet combo where the toilet seat contains the mechanisms for the jet action. A variety of companies make them but by far the nicest one is Toto. They call their seats, washlets. On the swanky models, seats are heated as well as the water and includes a dryer! Watch this informative video.

There are many benefits to switching to a bidet. For one, you don't have to use your hands to clean that part anymore. It's environmentally sound because toilet paper is not needed (towel to dry off is still needed though). Let's not forget, it keeps you squeaky clean. We use water to clean all other parts of our body, why would we skip that area?

I am confident Americans will come around some day. I am seeing washlets sold in more mainstream stores like costco. Hopefully the bidet will catch on better than soccer did. Bidets are not inexpensive but well worth the investment. I have seen them as low as $300 but don't cheap out on this important purchase. I highly recommend the Toto Washlet. Your bum will thank you for it. Who doesn't want a happy bum?

David, in the comments section, recommends the "hand bidet"/bathroom sprayer as a cheaper, less complicated alternative to the washlet/bidet. Brilliant!


Anonymous said...

A clean bum is a happy bum, and a happy bum is a healthy bum. words to live by. the alternative is just not something i ever really want to think about. America clean up your act.

David said...

You are so right! But there is something better than a bidet; A hand held bathroom bidet sprayer is so much better than a stand alone bidet and this is why:: 1. It's less expensive (potentially allot less) 2.You can install in yourself = no plumber expense 3. It works better by providing more control of where the water spray goes and a greater volume of water flow. 4. It requires no electricity and there are few things that can go wrong with it. 5. You don’t have to get up and move from the toilet to the bidet which can be rather awkward at times to say the least. Available at http://www.bathroomsprayers.com

Anonymous said...

I bet you dont have a bidet yourself though

David said...

You would win that bet, but I have used them on several occasions. Have you ever had a chance to use the hand bidet sprayer?

kieulinh said...

the "hand bidet"/bathroom sprayer sounds brilliant and certainly a cheaper alternative to the washlet. actually, i know of people who used their shower sprayer as a makeshift bidet because the shower sprayer reached the toilet area. but, you won't be able to boast a hands-free experience.

Nancy said...

This makes going to the toilet and having a bowel movement a pleasure