Saturday, March 28, 2009

BoA Debut Album!

The much anticipated self-named album, BoA, finally arrived. After the smokin' hot video of the single "Eat You Up" came out, I had such high hopes BoA would indeed conquer the US. Though not a complete stink bomb, this English breakthrough album did not do much for me. I also do not believe BoA will make her mark in the US with it, but it's just good enough to keep her around for a second try.

The next single off the album is to be, "I Did It for Love" (featuring Sean Garrett). Its excessive voice digitization did nothing to that great voice of hers and "Energetic" is even worst in this regards. I also don't care for the Britney like tracks such as "Touched" and "Scream." Honestly, BoA is BoA and should not be made to sound like other pop stars.

I will say that as a dance album, it does a decent job. I didn't want to get up and boogie but I did bob my head a few times. I even tapped my toes for "Hypnotic Dancefloor," but that was about it. Still, I think the dance tracts will help the album climb the charts.

The songs on this album are aight. She's a solid dancer so I'm hoping with cool video productions, her great moves will carry the lackluster songs. Something like what she did in, "ID - Peace B," that highlights both her singing and dancing abilities.

Or would it not be cool to bring the Korean Maudlin style of video making to the US? This old-school video has all the elements of that gendre, "Key Of Heart" (featuring Dong Hae).

The final verdict is a 2.5 stars out of 4. Not a bad first try but knowing BoA the way I do, she could have really rocked this premier English Album. Maybe her producers should think less about how to fit her into the US pop scene and more about how to expose us lame Americans to cool K-pop, BoA will have a more lasting impact!


jkgiang said...

Hah! Thanks to my Facebook friends, I'll I've been seeing for the past few weeks are status updates and links about BoA and Utada Hikaru.

Tina said...

utada is better! she can actually sing and write songs!