Sunday, March 1, 2009

Another Cop Beat Down - Victim is a 15-year-old Girl

Another act of brutality caught on video tape, this time in King County, Seattle. On Friday, video footages surfaced of a police officer slamming a 15-year-old girl's face against the wall of her holding cell, pinning her to the ground and punching her face multiple times. The event took place November 20 of 2008 and was captured by a security camera.

The girl was arrested for riding in the passenger seat of her parent's car that was reported stolen. She was arrested and taken to a holding cell when she was asked to take off her basketball shoes. She kicked one off hitting the police officer in the shin. That's when he rushed her, kicked her, beat her (even after she was restrained), and moved her about by grabbing her hair. The culprit is 31-year-old police officer Schene. He is 6'2" and weighs 195 pounds. The victim does not look to be over 5' and 90 lbs. Schene is currently on leave with pay. On leave with pay? "Justice" (scoff)!

County prosecutor plans to charge Schene with "criminal misconduct." Schene's defense is the girl was "lippy" calling the officers "fat pigs." Oh, and that the shoe to the shin caused him mental and physical pain and bleeding. Ahuh. I just want to get this clear, is it policy to bash someone of any gender, any size, and any age when he or she is mouthing off? What is the point of that? Logically, force used when making arrests depends on the nature of the threat. She was already arrested and in her holding cell; what more do you need to do? Thank god for cameras! We still don't know the extent of the girl's injuries because attack was not reported. She was not even taken to the hospital when she complained about having trouble breathing.

This leads me to rethink what happened last week when two famous hip-hop stars, Chris Brown, and Rihanna, were in the news after he allegedly bashed her face in his car. The results of this beat down can be seen to the right. If only we have videos of that, there would be no question now if he should be charged with this and that. Rihanna is said to display classic signs of battered women syndrome because she has yet to press charges and has been sighted vacationing with her assailant this week.

When will all this violence stop? We are a very uncivilized species.


USpace said...

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Most cops are for Obama, union members all.

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