Sunday, February 15, 2009

World of Warcraft - Crack for Geeks

"*Sigh* My fiance and I got into a fight about it because he played for 7 hours tonight and he got defensive and mean when I got upset about it. Why don't people understand how much this game hurts people?"
(from the "We Fucking Hate World of Warcraft" Facebook group).

If you've even lost a love one, or yourself for that matter, to World of Warcraft (WoW), then you are not alone. Blizzard Entertainment came up with this highly addictive massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in 1994 and now it owns more than 11.5 million brains internationally (aka monthly subscribers).

Those under the evil WoW spell enjoy living in wondrous lands with fantastical alter egos of themselves. In attempts to escape from Blizzard's grip, would be "freebrains" have resorted to things like Facebook networks such as the "We Fucking Hate World of Warcraft" group (wall message from one of the members above). This group claims some reasons to hate World of Warcraft includes:

It stole hundreds of precious hours of your life you could have been using to get drunk/high/laid.
It caused you to fail freshman English/ freshman Chemistry/ freshman year.
That nerdy kid down the hall wouldn't write your paper for you and instead played more WoW.

South Park Parody

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Your roommate kept you up all night, every night, playing that game.
Your younger brother has epilepsy and died while playing that game.
Your boyfriend quit his job and locked himself in a room for a month so that he could play WoW.
You've never gotten laid because you've played too much damn WoW.

I think it's a hopeless battle and I just pray for the return of these lost souls. Even I have to admit there's something damn seductive about elves dancing like a hot French pop star (see dance inspirations above). WoW is parodied by all the cool programs like South Park and Barely Political/Digital (see above videos). And, for god's sake, the "Leroy Jenkins" raid has to be the funniest thing I've ever seen (see below). If you cannot beat them, join them, huh? Any thoughts.


Anonymous said...

So....I guess All WoW players are losers?Like all Muslims are American hating neck carvers?Like all Jews are penny pinching money grubbers?

My wife and I both play it.We do not ignore our children, though.I take offense to morons like you , who do not actually know ANY wow players over the age of 12.

Think about it....if an ijit locked himself in his room for a month to play is he eating? drinking?bathroom?

Most WoW players are above the age of 20.Most have our own places.Pay our own bills.Have jobs.HAVE LIVES.

Get a friggin clue, and stop jumping on a bandwagon you know nothing about.

kieulinh said...

Hah! Dear Sir, You misread my tongue and cheek introduction of WoW to Monkey Lounge, and made a few erroneous assumptions yourself. First of all, I don't know anyone below 35 that plays WoW, let alone 12. I am close friends with Guild Masters and I've also seen first hand the "lock in room" scenario. However, I don't judge any of it.

I find anything that has as much mass appeal and also able to capture the imagination of brilliant writers like those at South Park, wonderful. It is worthy of a lengthy blog.

I am not a part of the Facebook, "Fucking Hate WoW," group but find it amusing that people who love WoW so much also realize its social grip on them and their inability to escape from it. And from the entries in Facebook and Barely Political skit, seems players don't really want to quite. Who would want to turn their backs on crazy good gaming? Clearly not you and your wife.

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