Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stimulus Plan Moving Ahead - Republicans Hellbent on Killing the Economy

Obama's stimulus proposal passed the House with zero and the Senate with 3 Republican support. $787 billion was the final bill, down from the $900+billion Obama initially proposed.

Here's where the Republicans pushed for cuts:

$16 billion taken out from the original bill for K-12 school construction
. Trims more than $1 billion from Head Start programs for youngsters. Cuts $40 billion from to help states pay education costs while trying to balance their own budgets. $3.5 billion would be cut for work on higher education facilities as well. Public housing and poor neighborhoods may have taken a hit too in the compromise. $1.25 billion less to make public housing more energy efficient. $2.25 billion request to help stabilize neighborhoods by buying up abandoned or neglected properties would be cut. Also cut was $5.8 billion in money for programs to help prevent disease. There's cuts in Art Works projects as well. Additional cuts would make some changes to an income tax cut and a program for the federal government to pay a portion of the premium that would allow people losing their jobs to keep their health insurance from their former employers.

By all estimates, the stimulus plan is to provide much needed jobs while helping to rebuild our nations infrastructures and institutions. Thanks a lot Republicans. If only they had the majority in the house and senate; they could hold off any plans to save the economy with costly, time consuming impeachment trials. Too bad, oh, how I miss the olden days of Republican governing. (sarcasm)

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