Sunday, February 1, 2009

Oh My Frakin' Gods Again

Be forewarned, I'm going to be slightly obsessed with BSG for the next 7 episodes leading to the final FINAL episode EVAH. The second episode, "The Oath," just aired and I was again completely in awe. Spoiler alert follows. Gaeta just successfully led a mutiny with the understanding that Zarek will take over the government. We now have Adama and Tigh on the run, held up, ala Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Roslin and Baltar escaped with the Chief to the cylon base ship. Previews hint to Tigh's death and Adama'a impending death. Of course Adama will not be killed; we have seven episodes to go. Also, Tigh most likely will also be alive and if not, he'll "resurrect" in some unknown cylon final five ship. Best part of the preview was Roslin answering Zarek’s weak demand to surrender by screaming into the com system, “No, Not now, not ever, I’m coming for ALL OF YOUl!!!”. The best line of the second episode came from Kara after saving Apollo by shooting his captors, "Who's next,... I can do this all day."

There's too much to discuss so I'll stick with one character, Gaeta. Gaeta is losing his mind. Could be that New Caprica Sharon disclosed that during their time on New Caprica, instead of using a list of names that he made up to save those on the list, she used it as a hit list (webpisodes - image above). Okay, shit happens. Gaeta certainly believed he was doing a good thing. But instead of dealing with it now, he kills New Caprica Sharon out of guilt or in hopes of destroying a history that implicates his crimes big time? Too bad Balta knows the secret too. Gaeta annoys me mainly because I don't like his singing. Otherwise, he's kind of the ultra angel therefore he must be the devil -- there's a fine line between good/bad. Anyway, I find it a shame that the gay, disabled, Japanese character is made out to be the uber villain. Eh.

Well, I cannot wait until next Friday -- actually, Saturday because I refused to allow Comcast to hammer me so now I watch my cable TV on instead. They air shows 24 hours after they fact. Hey, it’s free. Oh, that’s another way to save money during this economic crisis, cut cable! Those monopolies don’t deserve your business. all the way!

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