Friday, February 13, 2009


Media cannot get enough of Octo-mom Suleman. The latest is she's had to go into hiding because of death threats. Death threats? Common! She clearly has issues starting with wanting too many kids she cannot possibly afford or have time for. She also seems to have an unhealthy WSF obsession with Angela Jolie resulting in plastic surgery to look like her.

But, in all this, I have to defend her on one thing. I find it insulting that people are harping on her because she chooses to be a single mom. She does have a boyfriend whom she reportedly refused to marry. So, she chose to be a single mom. In this case, her being a single mom or a mom with four partners is irrelevant. Those are still a lot of babies to care for.

The truth of the matter is, responsible single moms have been caring for their families for a katrillion years. To use Suleman as an example of single-momhood is unfair and extremely sexist. In all her nonsense, I do believe what she said about the public chastising her only because she doesn't have husband is pretty much true.

The McCaughey family had septuplets born in 1997 and enjoyed plenty of perks including a 5500ft² home, van, diapers and full college scholarships for the kids. The Chukwu octuplets born in 1998 had similar good press even when they went on to have another girl. The Nahasapeemapetilon octuplates were welcomed with open hearts by all of Springfield. These moms along with Octo-mom Suleman all went through fertility treatment and chose not to undertake reduction procedures.

So, this leads me back to the death threats against Octo-mom - in one simple word, MISOGYNY. That's not acceptable! What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Although the death threats do seem absurd, there is a question on how she plans to take care of all these children on her own. From what I've heard, her parents aren't going to help and who knows what position the boyfriend is in.