Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Locke It In - Obama's Pick for Commerce Secretary

Obama did very well with his first address to Congress yesterday. Not that he's ever struggled with the English language; unlike that other dude that stole a couple of elections. I like his three main goals of improving health care, education, and energy. I'm going to see if they are just words. The most annoying part of the show was Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, getting up every few minutes to applaud. Distracting as hell. Funniest (and saddest all at once) was when Republicans hissed after Obama said he'd give tax incentives to over 95% of the population and raise taxes for those making over 250k. Come on, after 8 years of tax breaks for the wealthiest, I think it's time to even things out a bit.

Today Obama nominated two-tern Washington state governor, Gary Locke. I like to see a yellow democrat as secretary but I'm nervous about Locke's close relations with China. Maybe it's that China occupied Viet Nam for over a 1,000 years that makes me still wary of them today. But, as partner of his current law firm,  he's been very active promoting trade with China. Last I checked we owe China 682 billion dollars, so they should not have more breaks at our expense. Fact remains, Locke is very buddy buddy with the PRC. He even ran one of the legs of the Olympic torch relay in Beijing 2008. As long as he's not as friendly as Bush senior, we may be okay. Third time is the charm for the nomination of Secretary of Commerce position so good luck to you, Governor Locke.

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